Explore the wonders of the paradise island through the sandy beaches to the wilderness and witness the proofs of a ruined yet great civilization with the taste of authentic Sri Lankanness.

Sri Lanka, the Paradise Island!

Over the past few years, Sri Lanka has gained popularity as a top tourist destination for travellers all over the world! Whether it’s just relaxing on one of the many beaches on the island or indulging in exotic and traditional local food, Sri Lanka has always got something to offer!

Sri Lanka

Food and Beverage

Tradition and Culture

Sri Lankan Attractions

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a tropical country located just south of India and is regarded as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. Home to around 20 million people, the country boasts of multi-cultural religions and races, all united as one! Despite the Capital being Sri Jayewardenepura, the commercial capital is more commonly referred to as Colombo. With scenic wonders infused with cultural heritage, you’re bound to have a great time!
Food and Beverage
In Sri Lanka, food is taken very seriously. With different dishes representing various communities, a common element which is found in almost every delicacy are the spices infused in them! Another aspect of the local food which one must try is the various forms of street food, found in almost every area of the island! Whether it’s munching down a ‘Chicken Kottu’ or indulging in traditional ‘Dosai and Curry’, Sri Lanka is your one-stop destination for a food fiesta!
Tradition and Culture
With around 4 main religions and 4 different ethnicities, Sri Lanka has gained its name as a multicultural country and community. This can also be seen in the many historic monuments found around the island, such as the ruins of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa as well as the Rock of Sigiriya! The country is inspired and mostly known for the Traditions and Culture that prevails, making a truly spiritual journey for any tourist!
Sri Lankan Attractions
Sri Lanka proves to be a top destination for adventure enthusiasts as it offers an array of fun activities to engage in! The Yala and Wilpattu Sanctuaries prove to be a good destination for a wildlife safari while the Hikkaduwa and Arugam Bay Beaches, provide ample activities from snorkelling to whale watching, making the Island a go-to location for any traveller!


Voyage from sandy beaches to the misty mountains through the ruins of ancient civilization towards the southern wilderness.
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Go into the wilderness through the ancient ruins and mountains and come to the sandy beaches of down south.
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Watch gentle giants and journey towards misty mountains of the hill country through the ancient ruins.
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Wander through sandy beaches and among the ancient ruins, climb to the hill capital through the mists.
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Roam around the ruins of ancient civilizations to hill capital and beyond the mountains to wilderness of down south.
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Walk through the sands of the surrounding beaches to the hill country watching the gentle giants and go shopping in the Colombo streets.
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Journey through the hill country to world heritage of Galle Fort and enjoy the street shopping at Colombo for 8 days.
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What we have on offer

Affordable and High Standard Accommodation!
The Hotels that we have on offer for your stay in Sri Lanka are reputed and highly recognised places of stay for your comfort. What’s more is that these hotels will be closely located to whichever destination is on your agenda, making your holiday even more convenient!
Skilled Tour Guides!
We hand pick each tour guide for their experience and qualifications to join you on your adventure to ensure that you get the best experience when exploring historic monuments as well as cultural sites and give the best service in guiding you through Sri Lanka!
Organised Transport!
The hassles of looking for transport, especially in a country you aren’t familiar with is quite often tiresome. We’re here to take this burden off your hands, by organising and pre-planning your transports from place to place so that you can completely focus on your vacation!
Signature Tour Packages!
Our Signature Tour Packages are based on different activities such as pilgrimages and adventures, sub divided into various locations all over the island! Have a specific destination in mind? We may have already planned your entire vacation for you!
Customized Tour Packages!
In addition to the Signature Tours, we also plan vacations according to your specific and tailored requirements! This type of customizable tour could also be extended to overseas destinations around the globe to visit your favourite places!
Professional and Responsible Services!
We take your vacation seriously and undertake it as a responsibility to ensure that you have the best time on holiday without any issues. Leave the planning to us and you can guarantee a trip full of memorable experiences!